Modem to Modem Communications 
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 Modem to Modem Communications

Currently I am developing a software package that requires the end-user
be able to send a database file modem to modem.  We would like to have
the end-user be able to send us the database with just a click of a
button.  This, however, may be too much to ask.  

PDQComm sounds like a good 3rd party product that can assist me, but
there are several questions I need to ask about it & programming in

1. Does PDQComm automatically detect, find, and set the correct modem
settings on the end user's computer, or is that something that the
Visual Basic coding has to take care of?

2. How does PDQComm handle file naming?  The file the end-user sends us
has a default name, say data.mdb.  Each time the database file is sent
to us, will the new data.mdb simply overwrite the old data.mdb?  Since
different end-users will be sending us a database file, we do not want
this to happen.  Is it possible to automatically change the name of the
file we receive from the end-user?  Or is it possible to receive the
database file in a different subdirectory each time a user sends it to

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Trent Byberg

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Fri, 07 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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