Using a form contained in a VB OLE DLL as a child of the MDI form 
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 Using a form contained in a VB OLE DLL as a child of the MDI form

In my main VB project (standard EXE) I have an MDI form. I want the ability
to introduce a standard form contained in a VB OLE DLL as a child of the
MDI form.

I have been able to introduce the form using the SetParent() API call, this
puts the foreign form inside the MDI parent. However the form does not act
like a native MDIChild and I get the following problems: 1) Moving focus
from the foreign MDIchild to a native MDIChild causes the repainting not to
work correctly. 2) When the foreign form gets the focus the MDI parent form
greys out. 3) The MDI parent does not put up scroll bars when the foreign
form is moved beyond the client area.

Is it possible to get this form acting as a true MDI child?


Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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