RC4 encryption componant for VB 
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 RC4 encryption componant for VB


128 bit RC4 (TM) Encryption
Shell Extension and COM Automation
Server for Windows 95/98/NT4.
115 KB.
Freeware. Freely distributable.

RC4SE.DLL is a Windows 95/98/NT4 Shell Extension and COM
Automation Server for
(a) encryption/decryption of files from the Explorer right click
context menu
(b) encryption/decryption/wiping of files using MS Visual Basic,
the Windows Scripting Host, MS Office VBA, MS Java, C++ etc

It uses the 128 bit RC4 (TM) encryption of the Microsoft
Enhanced Cryptographic Service Provider RSAENH.DLL. This is
typically installed by the 128 bit version of MS Internet Explorer
or an NT4 Service Pack.

Gerard R Thomas
Port of Spain,  Trinidad and Tobago

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