Need help w/problems loading a custom .DLL 
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 Need help w/problems loading a custom .DLL

yes...I need help!

   I'm kinda lost on this problem.  A co-worker of mine has written custom
Dll's, in 'C', for me in the past and these have worked just fine.
However, the latest one with the code based on previous DLL's refuses to
load into memory.  When I call the DLL function, VB4/32 returns an error
message that it had an error loading the DLL.
   Well we could figure this out if the DLL could actually load into memory
but it's not even getting that far.  So here's my questions:

- What type of things would cause a DLL not to load into memory?
- Any troubleshooting hints, tips that would help locate the problem?

Any info on this would be helpfull....or just give me code to fix this.....
Lost in space,
Mark Dorst

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