VB4 32bit Runtime Errors 
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 VB4 32bit Runtime Errors

        I've had a program I've been distributing for almost a year
now, and recently people have been having problems with OCX's not
registering (COMDLG32 & SPIN32), "Invalid Runtime License", and now
some are having "running (runtime?) error, quiting" when they launch
the program. I've only gotten about half a dozen reports, but I would
like to try to clear these up and the MS KB hasn't been of much use.
        Does this have something to with VB5 & Office 97? I know that
when I put Word 97 on my VB4 programs worked fine but the
development-environment died until I restored by /system directory
from backup.
        At least two people cleared up their problems by removing the
.OCX's and the VB40032.DLL and reinstalling the program, but I don't
want to recommend this without knowing what will happen to their
        Does anyone have any suggestions?

        PS: I've also had problems where my program will work fine
with the older VB40016 that comes with VB4, but will not run at all
with the newest versions.

Fri, 24 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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