Best place to run the Server of a Client/Server Application 
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 Best place to run the Server of a Client/Server Application


I'm wondering if any individual or small business out there produces
Client/Server applications which they run themselves. Whether this be an
online database for just about anything, or online game etc., with a Visual
Basic Server Application at one end. Where is the best place to have your
server hosted. When speed matters Co-Location is basically out of the
question, and I'm left with thinking about either a fast dedicated line or
server housing (meaning I provide equipment to be located on an ISPs
network). Both are very costly, especially if you expect a 6 month testing
period. Does anyone know of any reasonable priced service? During the
testing period of course you wouldn't need a quite as fast connection as
once launched.

I find most ISPs are willing to house your equipment on their network, but
even then they only have 128k lines or something pretty slow considering the
traffic they have going through there. Then of course they're a bit worried
about the content you have on your system for security reasons. I wouldn't
want to run it from an existing NT on the network they have because it most
likely hosts other information, and the CPU speed is critical to running a
fast Server Application, even if it's written to minimise the amount of work
the server does.

Also, if someone set up a service especially for this would there be a
market for it?

Will Kruss
JAWS Software

Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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