Tables will not update with bound controls 
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 Tables will not update with bound controls


I am writing a VB 4.0 application to access a Microsoft Access
database.  In one of my procedures I am creating a TableDef,
appending it to the TableDefs collection, and adding new fields.
I add the fields after opening the table with a Table object
using the following statement:

   Set TermsTbl = XDB.OpenRecordset("Payment_Terms", dbOpenTable)

The XDB object references a database object that is already opened by
a data control.  I am then supplying this new table as the
RecordSource of a data control on a second form, which is then loaded.

The user is presented some bound controls on the second form for
editing the table.

It seems the original data control is not allowing the second data
control to update the table.  When I click the "MoveNext" button on
the second data control after entering some data, the bound control in

which I entered data clears, and a value of 0 appears.

For debugging purposes, I added a .Update statement to the Reposition
procedure of the second data control and got an error 3426 ("The
Action was Canceled by an Associated Object" error).  This error is
not documented!

Why is the update being canceled?  Is it in fact the first data
control that is canceling the update?  Is there a way to create a new
session in the DBEngine object that will circumvent this?

Thanks.......... :)

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