Problems with "DIR" function 
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 Problems with "DIR" function

I am using the Dir function to know if a Directory exists or no. The
Directory is located in a server with Windows NT 3.51. The code is the


and it works, I get strResult="SUBDIR1" and strResult="" if the directory
does not exist.

But now, I am asking for a directory in a server with Windows NT 4.0 and I
get the following results for
the folllowing intructions:

        strResult=Dir("P:\subdir1",vbDirectory) ---------------->
strResult="????++Y" (More or less)
        strResult=Dir("P:\subdir1\subdir2",vbDirectory) ---------------->
        strResult=Dir("P:\subdir1\subdi2\subdir3",vbDirectory) ---------------->

Watching the example of the help of VB, I see that the pathrouteis ended by
a Slash "\" and the funtion returns the first subdirectory inside the
Directory. I have two question:

        - Is correct the use I am doing (without the ended slash)?
        - If the answer to the previous question is Yes, why it does not work with
a server with Windows NT 4.0?

Thanks in advanced.

Fri, 25 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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