using windows HOOKS (system-wide) 
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 using windows HOOKS (system-wide)


  Has anyone been able to successfully implement a "SYSTEM-WIDE"
I'm trying to set up an app in VB 4 (16 bit and 32 bit) which can be
minimized, but invisibly perform some functions upon receiving a hot-key,
when the app DOS NOT have the focus.  I've looked at some sample apps at
Microsoft, but I can't get them to work as stated ...see:

   Q81334  -  Code demonstrates using a WH_KETBOARD Hook (re: kbhook2.exe)
   Q83914  -  Creating a shortcut-Key edit control (re: hotkeyed.exe)
   Q83233  -  Code uses keyboard hook to access help (re: F1CDhelp.exe)

Some of their example code is not particularly well documented and I was
not able to properly compile under VC++ 1.5.

Articles 2 and 3 above both work, but only when the running application has
the that's not much good.  
Article 1, after a lot of fiddling around I was able to compile it without
errors...but the resulting program doesn't appear to work as expected.
Supposedly it installs a global hook to scan for the state of the capslock
key.  It should toggle the appearance of the icon whenever the key state
changes regardless of the focus.  As it works for me though, it only picks
up on the state of the key when the app first executes...once running it
doesn't do a damn thing.  I don't know if it's a program glitch...or
something which went wrong during compilation.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sun, 23 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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