VB3 Graph Control for Line graph 
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 VB3 Graph Control for Line graph

I am trying to use the
graph control.  I selected some records from a database using a data
control.  I can assign one point to a line graph.  The second point I
try to assign substitutes a zero for either my x or y value.  I have
tried assigning graph points directly as well as from the database.  I
have even tried using arrays.  The code looks like this:

' Initialize to first record, first graph point
frmGraph.Graph1.ThisPoint = 1

'Get first data point
frmGraph.Graph1.XPosData = txtHLTValue.Text
frmGraph.Graph1.GraphData = txtBPRValue.Text

' Check next data point
    frmGraph.Graph1.ThisPoint = 2
frmGraph.Graph1.XPosData = txtHLTValue.Text
frmGraph.Graph1.GraphData = txtBPRValue.Text

Any ideas  why it resets values to zero even when I use an array?
I have searched the net for help and find nothing on this Graph control.


Gail Lehr

Tue, 16 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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