How to find Users on an NT 4.0 machine using Nt client 
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 How to find Users on an NT 4.0 machine using Nt client

I am using Access 97 on a Win Nt 4.0 client to run the code that u
were using.
How did u solve it. Any help will be highly appreciated. I am stuck
even though I haven't emails to lot of people about my problem but no
one has replied to me. Could u please help.

I am doing the following

I was trying to use Active Directory Type library: "activeds.tlb" I
also have the associated dll on the machine.
(I could not find it on NT4.0 desktop that I was working on and so I
copied it from Win2k machine and   have a Access application made a
reference to this activeds.tlb library and used the following code:

Set GroupObj = GetObject("WinNT://" & DomainString & "/" &

where I declared the variables as :
Global DomainString As String
Global GroupString As String
Global GroupObj As IADsGroup
Global UserObj As IADsUser

But it gives me an error at GetObject function : Automation error
-invalid syntax, Run time error -.

keep getting error message on the line Set domain =
GetObject("WinNT://" & szDomain & ",domain")
 Error: Run-time error '-2147221020 (800401e-4)': Automation Error
Invalid Syntax

Does this code not work on an NT4.0 machine for NT 4.0 server etc .
Could you help me, how do I use this ADSI that you talk about or is
this the same thing?
What will be the coding for me to get a list of names in a particular
NT user domain -Could anyone send me the code that they used.or let me
know how to fix this error.
I have the nt dll that I need to use the ADSI Provider for NT 40 too.

Note : The above syntax works perfectly well on a Win2k machine.
 All help will be highly appreciated and I am in an urgent need to do

Mon, 25 Oct 2004 04:32:12 GMT  
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