Crystal Report Selection Formula Problem 
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 Crystal Report Selection Formula Problem


My problem is I have a report made in Crystal Reports which I want to be
filtered to only include a specific date range.
I use two MaskedEditBoxes for the user to enter the dates involved, how do I
use the SelectionFormula property ?

This is my current code:

StartDate = Format(MaskEdBox4, "dd/mm/yyyy")
EndDate = Format(MaskEdBox5, "dd/mm/yyyy")

For c = Format(StartDate, "0.00") + 1 To Format(EndDate,"0.00")

Next c
CrystalReport1.SelectionFormula = tx

------END OF CODE------
As you can see, this is rather stupid, and if I choose a long date range
that the code fails since I soon approach the 256 bytes limit of strings.

Can you please help ???

I'm desperate - I've 99% finished my project with only this left.


         Dani Ben-Amar
         Rapid Developments Ltd.

Sun, 25 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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