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 Screen Captures/Fades

Recently we had to produce a Macromedia lead-in. It had to do a screen
dissolve similar to the one you see in Macromedia, then launch a DOS
based animation player (AAPLAY.EXE) for full screen animation in Win95.

Before we could dissolve the screen using the BitBlt function, we had to
get the display handle(DC).  The calls were made from a form, which is
the usual method of programming in VB.  We kept encountering an error
when trying to make the call GetDC("DISPLAY",0,0,0).

It turns out that you can only make this particular call from the 'sub
main' precedure of your bas module, which is similar in nature to the
'Void Main' you use in C/C++.  

This type of missed information can bring a lot of grief to
programmers learning to use the windows API.

Thu, 01 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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