TreeView with Drag & Drop 
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 TreeView with Drag & Drop

I have a TreeView, with which I make a Drag & Drop, as much within the same
TreeView, like a other controls of the form...

The problem that I have is that, I want that depending on the control over
which happens changes the icon to drag, but have montonazo of controls, in
this form, between Frames, Labels, TextBox, etc... If I apply the DragOver,
on the single form it jumps with those zones of the form that do not have
ningun control raises, like doing this without having to write I cosay of
the DragOver on each one of the controls that there are in the form...

In addition another thing on the TreeView:

Somebody knows like doing that the Icon of the Drag & Drop is like the
explorardor of files of Microsoft, who when dragging takes to the Icon and
the associated Text, of the branch of arbol, that is crawling.


Sun, 10 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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