Controlin printer margins when using the Printer.Object 
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 Controlin printer margins when using the Printer.Object

I am attempting to send the contents of a picture box to the printer
using the Printer.Object.  I am using the API function "GetDeviceCaps" to
obtain the vertical and horizontal printer resolution (DPI).  I then
compute the pixels/inch vertically and horizontally for the picture box.
From this, I compute the difference in resolution between the two.  I use
this "scale factor" to adjust the coordinates of the items in the picture
box so they will print within a given area on the printer page.  All this
works a point.  If intoduce a large scale change to the picture
box (zooming in or out) and then send it to the Printer.Object the size
of the printed page changes.  I have tried everything I know to keep the
size of "print area" defined by the Printer.Object the same regardless of
the scale change introduced to picture box.  This includes computing an
adjustment factor based on the amount of the scale change and applying
this to the coordinates sent to the Printer.Object.  I feel sure there is
a better way of doing this (Which is obvious since I havent gotten it
right yet).  If someone could point me in the right direction I would
truly appreicate it!

Thank You!!!


Thu, 12 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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