deleteSetting gives error in vb4/16 
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 deleteSetting gives error in vb4/16

Happy New Year, All -

I'm trying to remove things from an .INI file.  

I tried the help example verbatim and it still doesn't work.  This is
VB4/16 EE on Win95.

DeleteSetting "foo","Start","Top"  (to use the Help file example) causes
"Runtime Error '5': Invalid procedure call.

I've tried parentheses in and out, etc.  The item exists in the .INI file

I really want to delete the entire section at once, but understand that
we can't do this under Win16, so I'll do a getAllSettings and delete them
one at a time.  But it won't even do one...

Any ideas / pointers?


Mon, 21 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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