Deactivating Excel's ScreenUpdating in VB OLE automation routine 
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 Deactivating Excel's ScreenUpdating in VB OLE automation routine

Hi all

I'm sure a lot of you guys use VB to fill Excel sheets and experienced
how slow this works when screen updating is activated. So you probably
found a way to turn this off. Excel online vb help says it's as simple
as setting application.ScreenUpdating to false. Unfortunately this has
NO EFFECT at all.
I use Win95, Excel97 and VB 5.0

Is this a known bug and could someone please post or mail a workaround?

this doesn't work :

dim mbill as object

  Set mbill = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")
  mbill.Application.Visible = True

  mbill.Application.Workbooks.Open "D:\DAT\BILLSAMPLE.XLS"

  mbill.Application.ScreenUpdating = False       '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  GenerateBill 'code that fills my sheet

  mbill.Application.ScreenUpdating = True        '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Roger Grilli

Mon, 17 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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