ActiveX exe doesn't end... 
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 ActiveX exe doesn't end...

First off, some background.  I'm using VB6 SP4.  I have an ActiveX exe
(SrvProc) with Thread-Per-Object set.  I have an App that creates an
object (Manager) from SrvProc, which starts up a new process.  Using
CreateObject in SrvProc I create one or more additional threads.  When
the App closes, it explicitly calls a Shutdown method on the SrvProc
object, which frees all objects.  (Using MsgBoxes I can tell that the
Class_Terminate of all objects is being called).  The App then sets
the SrvProc object to Nothing and exits.  For some reason, SrvProc is
still running and must be killed through the Task Manager.  The odd
thing is if there is only ONE child thread created, then it shuts down
correctly.  If there are two or more, then it does not.  Anyone have
any ideas?


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