Trapping syntax errors programmatically 
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 Trapping syntax errors programmatically

We are working on an application that automates a lot of tedious VBA
code writing for users of a particular VBA enabled app.  Most code is
generated programmatically, so we can control it tightly to avoid
errors, but some small amount of code is written by the user at run
time (of our app, not of the VBA app).

When we write the code to the VBA project, we'd like to be able to
tell if the code we've written out generated a syntax error.  I can't
find anything in the documentation for the VBA Extensibility model
that will do this, but perhaps there are some undocumented tricks?

Rick Goldstein
Senior Developer
SpiralSoft, Inc.
5370 Manhattan Circle, Suite 104
Boulder, CO 80303

Tue, 08 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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