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 VB "HELP" help

I am working on a borrowed machine:
Using VB 6.0, when I ask for help I get the request to insert MSDN disk.
I see no "MSDN" CD in the VB 6.0 box.
Is it part of one of the CD's I do have?
Should I reinstall VB 6.0?
Do I need to subscribe to MSDN to get help?
If so, can I purchase support and avoid a huge $$$ multi-platform
Any web help that is just as good?

Sun, 27 Feb 2005 09:40:19 GMT  
 VB "HELP" help

The "MSDN Library - Visual Studio 6.0" is a 2 CD set which comes with the boxed VB 6 program (or VS 6). I purchased a deluxe learning edition of VB6 from my local barnes and noble some time ago. It was included in the boxed set. If VB or VS is purchased from a computer show the software vendors there split open boxes and sell the parts separately. You might be able to find a copy there. I purchased the enterprise edition of vb6 there but ... no msdn cd's ... so that is an idea you can look into to find the cds.

Norman Menard

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Sun, 27 Feb 2005 10:11:51 GMT  
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