Recordset Query/save DAO 
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 Recordset Query/save DAO

Though I've programmed VB for years, I've never used it for a serious
Database App.  I've used Foxpro where you have cursors instead of
recordsets and can use the cursors almost like tables.  Cursors
allowed multiple select statements while keeping data in memory, not
having to write data to a file, for example:

    Select (fields) from (tablename) where (criteria) into cursor Temp


    Select (fields) from temp where (new criteria) into cursor NewTemp

etc,  eventually being able to save the data to a file by

    Select * from (TempCursor) to table (Saved _Data)

My questions:

        With VB DAO is there a way to query a recordset like in the

        If not, is there any way to save a recordset to a table?

Thanks in advance.

Richard E Barlow
Shoal Creek Software

Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:53:34 GMT  
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