Suppress function in crystal report!! 
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 Suppress function in crystal report!!

My current report display like this:-
Claimno    Chqno     Chqamt       billno    billamt
123         00001     $150          C0001  $50
123         00001     $150          C0002  $50
123         00001     $150          C0003  $50
456         00002     $50            B0001  $500
456         00003     $450          B0001  $500

How to switch my report become like this:-
Claimno   Chqno     Chqamt       billno    billamt
123         00001     $150          C0001  $50
                                                C0002  $50
                                                C0003  $50
456         00002     $50            B0001  $500
               00003     $450

Can anyone teach me how to suppress the record as below condition:-

1)If "duplicate claimno " and "duplicate chqno" then "suppress claimno,chqno
and chqamt"

2)If "duplicate claimno" and "duplicate billno" then "suppress

Mon, 19 Jan 2004 15:11:03 GMT  
 Suppress function in crystal report!!
Right Click the affected field and choose Format
In The Dialog box there should be A "Suppress if Duplicated" check box
Tick it and only the first instance of and entry becomes displayed

David Dewhurst

Mon, 19 Jan 2004 18:01:04 GMT  
 Suppress function in crystal report!!
Although It Wouldnt work for the ChqAmount Field
To Suppress That You Would a formula field Something Like

If Not IsNull({Claims.Chqno}) Then {Claims.Chqamt}

Be Aware That I Am Not Checking The Nullness (that right?) of the Database
Field(ChqNo), In the formula maker I picked the Report Field(ChqNo).

This presumes you did the previous thing of auto suppressing the first two

David Dewhurst

Mon, 19 Jan 2004 18:29:13 GMT  
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