Error with OLE32.dll 
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 Error with OLE32.dll


we have written a Visual Basic program where we use word to display and edit
documents. In the process of working with word there are certain
OLE-functions involved, for example when i insert text into the document
using the windows-clipboard.

On most computers where we have installed our program so far everything
works fine. But on some computers we get the following error message (i
think you are familiar with the typical windows error-messages and because i
use a german windows version i cant tell you the exact message in english,
so i just give you the important details):

"An error occured in module ole32.dll at 0137:65f3893e" and so forth

This error occurs under Windows 98 as well as under Windows 95 (not under
Win NT so far). What we have done is that we looked for the versions of the
ole32.dll which differs from the computer where it works on to the one where
it doesnt work. But just exchanging the files didnt help.

Has anyone of you ever had this problem before or knows what i have to do to
fix it?

Thanks for any help

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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