Stream Video: Web to Desktop App? 
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 Stream Video: Web to Desktop App?


I have an app and I'd like to require that the user be online at a certain
point, then click a button that would connect the Windows Media Player Control
to a hardcoded website and stream an .mpg file.

The MediaPlayer control has a .BaseURL field which I've set, and then set the
MediaPlayer.FileName property to the .mpg. But then MediaPlayer.Play fails,
giving me error code 80004005 ( Method 'Play' of object 'IMediaPlayer2'

Regarding the error message, I can't find it on MSKB, and I have no idea at
what point my MediaPlayer1 control becomes IMediaPlayer2.

Can anyone guide me to some resources that would explain how I accomplish my

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 07 Dec 2004 02:26:05 GMT  
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