ActiveX documents don't return Win32 resources? 
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 ActiveX documents don't return Win32 resources?

My VB project uses ActiveX documets to dynamically load the appropriate
UI for a chosen item in a pick-list on my navigation form.  It's not
speedy but it works well.  The ActiveX docs are all in one DLL, and
that DLL resides locally.  The docs are navigated to by an IE web
browser control.  The user clicks on a record, the browser control
navigates to the screen for that kind of record.

My problem is that as the user navigates to an ActiveX document, their
resources drop some (fine), and after the user closes that form, the
resources are not returned (not fine).  Only after the user exits the
application entirely do I get my resources back.

It's not a problem on NT but the standard client box will have Win95/98
and 64MB RAM, which gets used pretty quickly with ActiveX docs in the
mix.  Machines are routinely being brought to their knees and often
require rebooting because of the resource sapping.

Have any of you experienced this resource hogging, and are there ways
around it?

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