WinSock and INET & Internet Controls 
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 WinSock and INET & Internet Controls

I know that Winsock is the better out of the both,
but I would just like to address some problems
I've been having with them and if anyone could
tell what iam doing wrong.

INET (Microsoft Internet Transfer Control):
        When ever I use the Execute method
        and the "CD" operation to access a directory
        that has spaces in it, INET won't let me
        access it, but it will let me access directories
        with out any spaces in them, and it also
        will let me access long filenamed directories,
        just to let you know.

WinSock Control (Help):
            I know how to connect to a ftp site but when it
            asks for the password and username I don't
            know what to do. Someone told me it was
            because of the protocol I was using which
            was the FTProtocol. If anyone can help me
            either it by helping/giving/or showing me
            how to do this, create a protocol or whatever,
            I would be thank full.

WebBrowser Control (Comments):
             Even though this control is the best FREE browser control
             I still think that Microsoft Should have given all the options
             to the WebBrowser control as they did the Internet Explorer
             Control. The Internet Explorer Control is even worst. It would
             be a lot better if your whole application could be a Internet
             Explorer Control but you can't. The Internet Explorer Control,
             makes a seperate window from the form to load up the
             webpage you wanted to access, which looks like {*filter*}
             and that you haven't spent much time on it.

             These are MY comments, if you don't like them then
             please keep it to yourself.



Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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