Visual Components Visual Writer 3.0 16 Bit OCX HELP 
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 Visual Components Visual Writer 3.0 16 Bit OCX HELP

Has anyone tried the new Visual Writer 3.0 from Visual Components? I
have found that the 16 bit OCX traps and dies in krnl386.exe if you
add a second VW control to a form. Trying to install any of the
"Suite" components under NT3.51 results in an exception error in
Install Shield as it sets itself up. Their tech support, such as it
is, has been an expensive, time consuming, waste of time. If anyone
has this product, I would be most anxious to hear of your experience.
I can't believe that this is a machine specific problem, since I tried
it on 3 differently configured machines, with the same results on
each. The only commonality is Win 95 but one machine has sp1 applied
and the other 2 are {*filter*} 95 CD loads. VCI says that they have had
"one or two" similar complaints.

Thanks for your help,

Del Clifton

Wed, 30 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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