Distributing an ActiveX Control on a Web Page 
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 Distributing an ActiveX Control on a Web Page

Hello All

I have created an ActiveX Control in VB6. It is a simple control
with one Treeview and a couple of ADO calls. I have used the PDW to create
an Internet Distribution Package. I have added some javascript to the
resulting HTM page
This script accesses the properties and methods of the control (or it tries
to -  as the
control does not download)
    I tried putting the HTML file and the CAB file ( and all the other stuff
produced by the PDW on another site.  It appeared to download, but the
control didnt work.  It
failed on the method call.  I think it still didn't download everything

* I did change the the INF file so the OCX should appear in the
Windows/System(32) directory - and I rebuilt the CAB file using MAKECAB
* I chose to include all of the dependencies in the CAB file (as
opposed to making a connection to Microsoft)
* The control has been set as safe for initilization and for
scripting in the PDW
* The control was set up so that it did NOT require a license key
* I have not signed it - but this should only give a prompt that it
may be unsafe, it
shouldn't stop it from being downloaded if the client chooses to do so

Does anybody have any idea why an OCX on a web page wouldn't download?
Any help would be greatly appeciated

Doug Bailey

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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