Program fragments in Access 2.0 mdb files 
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 Program fragments in Access 2.0 mdb files

Hello group:

I've got a very strange occurance happening in some old Access 2.0
databases I'm using in a VB 3.0 app.

I've been viewing several .mdb files I'm using in my VB 3.0 app and at
the end of the .mdb file I see fragments of my Visual Basic source
It looks like stuff from an .frm file and sometimes is the info from the
beginning of the .frm file and other times its actual code from the
application.  The fragments don't show up when I open the .mdb files in
Access, nor do they show up in an .mdb file viewer.  I've tried two
different file viewers because I just could not believe what I was
seeing.  They do show up when I switch the file viewers to HEX or TEXT.

Now folks, I know Access 2.0 and VB 3.0 is old stuff, but I really don't
want my source code{*filter*} on to the end of an .mdb file!

Can anyone imagine what the truck is going on???

Please respond by email or group post.

Thanks so much in advance

Richard DuBose

Mon, 28 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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