Install VB6 (SP5) program to Win 2000 
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 Install VB6 (SP5) program to Win 2000

My user has just attempted to install my VB application on to a Win 2000
He gets a continuous cycle of reboots, with the program saying it needs to
update a DLL.
(no he did not tell me which DLL)
I used the VB6 Package & Deployment wizard to create the install kit.
I developed the app initially on a Win 98 machine with VB6 SP3.
After having this error I installed VB6 SP5 on the development machine.
Past installs on Win 9x and Win NT4, have worked fine.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong?
Any ideas what my client installing the app may have done wrong?

Is there some silly requirement that I must develop on Win 2000????

Thanks Greg

Fri, 12 Dec 2003 22:46:21 GMT  
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