"Invalid File Format" Error 
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 "Invalid File Format" Error

Can anyone here tell me anything about this error?  I am getting

I have been developing an app. for almost a year now and am about ready
for its distribution.  It has run well in the VB3 development
environment, on a DX2 PC with 16MB RAM under WfW3.1.  When I finally got
around to building an executable file for it I found that it would not
run, instead giving me the "Invalid File Format" error and stopping.

I've tried building executables from some thrown together forms and one
with a rebuild of one of my apps.' forms and these appear to "run" OK.  I
also built an executable using just one of my apps' original forms and
this, too, caused the error statement.  Does this mean that I must
rebuild all 50-some of my apps.' forms or is there another way around
this error?

Any information or ideas concerning this error will be greatly
appreciated as I don't relish the idea of recreating my application and
the wasted time that will entail.

Thanks for your time.  

Sun, 06 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 "Invalid File Format" Error
I used to encounter this error when I compiled straight to a Novell network. If
you are compiling to a network, try compiling to your hard drive and then
moving the file to the network. This worked for me.

Incidentally, it took me over three days with Microsoft tech support on the
phone before I finally hung up on them and solved the problem myself. It seems
that the problem is very intermittent. Once it occurs, it is reproducable with
the same project, but making very slight changes to the project can cause the
problem to mysteriously disappear.

Hope this helps!

Mark Ventimiglia

Tue, 08 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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