Read DBase IV with VB 3.0 Professionnal 
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 Read DBase IV with VB 3.0 Professionnal

I have a problem when I am trying to read a DBF IV database who I made from
Excel ( save as).
Here, the second instruction is not good:
        Set db = OpenDatabase(NameFile$, 0, 0, "DBASE IV;")
        Set nametable = db.OpenTable("name"), because VB don't find the name in question.

And if I try these instructions:
        On error resume next
        Set db = OpenDatabase(Fichier$, 0, 0, "DBASE IV;")
         MsgBox "nb tables=" & db.TableDefs.Count
Vb inform me that there is no table.

But when I open the same file  with Data Manager or VisData, no problem, I get all the data because these programs give the same name to the first table then the name of the file.

How can we open and work with tables from a DBASE file created from Works or Excel with VB 3.0 ?

Thank you
Francois Charbonneau

Thu, 26 Jun 1997 23:50:18 GMT  
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