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 combo box questions

Hello all,

I have two questions about the combo box control.

1.  I am populating a drop down combo (currently style 0) with a list
from a text file.  The list contains the names of subdivisions, some
of which are fairly long.  My problem is that I cannot, for design
reasons, make the combo long enough to contain the entire name.

My question is:  Is it possible to have the dropped down list expand
to show the entire entry?  If so, could you supply some example code
for accomplishing this?

2.  I would also like to enable the user to type in the first few
letters of a subdivision name and have the list 'jump' to that
relative position.  Is this possible in a drop down list, given that
the user doesn't see the entries in the list until clicking on the
drop down arrow?  Again, example code would be great!

I would like to accomplish both of these tasks with the same combo, so
if there is some code examples incorporating both it would be very
useful.  Also, the user will not be adding new entries to the combo,
only selecting from the supplied list, so if combo style 0 is 'wrong'
for the task, could you suggest the 'correct' style.  I'm always
looking to expand my knowledge with real-world VB examples...

Thanks in advance for any info.

Brian Oevermann

Sun, 25 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 combo box questions

1) I think there're SendMessage() API parameters that can set the width of
the dropped-down part of a combo-box.

2) SendMessage() can also be used to search a listbox/combobox.

Please check a book such as Dan Appleman's VB programmers Guide to the Win32
API for details.

Fri, 30 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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