Multi-User Client Server (Urgent) Jet? 
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 Multi-User Client Server (Urgent) Jet?


> > First, don't use Access for multi-user databases unless you have fewer
> than 5
> > users, you are't concerned about speed, and you aren't concerned about
> security.

> You are kidding? Microsoft own web site rated JET for 50 users when it was
> fashionable for them to do so.  We have reports of people reliability
> with more than 100 users when all things are just right.

Although I haven't touched (with good reason) Access as a backend db since
2.0, I can't possibly imagine that it would be anywhere near as reliable as
a DBMS with more than two people.   (Just my experience.)

> You also see weekly posts in the sql server groups about people who
> from JET to sql server and find sql slower.

And of course these are the same people who probably don't know the first
thing about normalizing a db or the difference between natural and surrogate

> On a local machine, you will most certainly find JET is even faster than
> MySql. In fact, in this case it is a LOT faster.

I gotta try this! I believe I have Access 2000 on my workstation (NT 5.0)
along with MySQL (3.23) and MS SQL 7.  I'll have to design a simple database
and throw some queries at it.  I'll get back to y'all.

> now. The lack of cascade deletes was a real complaint of mine, as is the
> lack of things like UNION queries. These shortcomings are being


Kai Ponte
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Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:21:12 GMT  
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