My final help request Re: MCI control 
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 My final help request Re: MCI control

At least I hope this is my last plea for help on the MCI Multimedia
control.  I've tweaked the thing six ways 'til Tuesday; sometimes it
plays my wavs, sometimes it doesn't (with cut-and-pasted code, no
less).  I've begun keeping an eye on the .CanPlay property.  I think
if I knew what it took to make this read-only property switch over to
"True", my problems would be solved.  Can anyone either...
a) give me a solid block of code to play a goddamn wav already...or,
b) give me the name of a good book on the subject, as online help
seems set and determined to make my life a living hell!...

Maybe there's a way to blast off a quick wav without the MCI control?
Could my life actually become that easy?  I hate to sound desperate,

I feel better already,

"Once upon a time when you saw roadkill you said "aw"
Now you say "good for you"
Maybe it's a certain enzyme you lack
And may all your T-shirts be black"
                   -MK, "Top of Stove Melting"

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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