VB16 .exes Fail with VB32 
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 VB16 .exes Fail with VB32


        My App is a VB4 16 Bit thing. It works fine on all OS from 3.1
to Win98 Beta! Trouble is, if VB32 has been installed on a machine at
any time in the past, it falls down with a garbled error message...

Title - ^*$_!_ type stuff (Can't e-mail all the characters!)

Body - Can't find the library "n16" or ""

I assume my app is calling some vestige of VB32 when it expects a VB16
one, trouble is, I can't locate it!

Any help appreciated

        Jon Witte
        Deepest Norfolk

Sun, 28 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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