Refreshing recordset / Listview 
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 Refreshing recordset / Listview

FORM 1 : ListView with all my clients in it.
By clicking on one of these items I get FORM2

FORM2 : A form in which all the parameters of my clients are displayed.
By clicking on the update menu, an SQL requery is generated that updates
the table.

My Problem : When I click on the update menu, the content is effectively
changed into the table but when I close this form and thus
come back to FORM1, My ListView is not refreshed at all. I tried the
"Resync" method on my RecordSet but get a message that Resync is not
by my object (weird...). And moreover, on which event do I have to
refresh the content of my listview/recordset : Activate ?

Thnaks of any hint...

Tue, 22 Jul 2003 22:32:02 GMT  
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