installing/running VB4.0 app on a network 
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 installing/running VB4.0 app on a network

I have developed a VB4.0, 16 bit application and used the setup wizard to
create the installation disks.  I now find that a user who needs the program is
on a network.  I am not all that familiar with network installations.  What
differences do I have to make  with regards to the program or the installation
of the program?    If my program uses MS Access 2.0 databases, what issues need
to be addressed as far as file sharing, etc?  

My application is installed in a single directory along with the databases, a
couple of Crystal Reports and some .bmp files that are used within the program.
 If the program is installed on the server, will it slow my program's operation

Any advice or past experiences on this subject that you would care to share
would be greatly appreciated.


Tue, 10 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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