HELP! - Display Resolutions - Form/Controls Display in diff. resolutions 
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 HELP! - Display Resolutions - Form/Controls Display in diff. resolutions

I have been tearing my hair out on this - please help!

Using VB4,
I am trying to develop forms/controls graphically, and use some scaling
code in
Form_Load() to read the current resolution, & automatically scale the form
(in the screen), and the controls (in the form).

the development is in 800*600 (small fonts), which shows 12000*9000 twips
(I used the Screen.Height & Width to determine this). So I am using a
scaling factor to locate the top, left, height & width of the form by
multiplying the values set during development with the ratio of the
current screen.height/9000, and current screen.width/12000.

I noticed that when I set the top to 100 (during design), & run the form,
and then look up Top in the Properties box, I see 105. Clearly, its
rounding to the nearest pixel. Further, when I programmatically display
the valeu of Top, I see 150, though when I exit and get back in design
mode, I see 105 for Top in the Properties box.

Further, when I change the resolution to 640*480, the value of Top in the
Properties box changes. None of this seems documented anywhere, & I am
trying to figure out what's happening. Ideally, I want to scale the form
within the screen (using screen.height & width) and the controls within
the form (using form.scaleheight & scalewidth). Form everything I have
read, it should work. But it doesn't.


Mon, 20 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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