Generating tones? 
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 Generating tones?

I would like to make a couple of simple beep tones in my VB application,
but not the default Beep function.
I would like a higher pitched beep, and a lower pitched beep,
so I can play them one after the other.  I thought that would be a pleasing
sound combination, informing the user of an action completed in the
So, my problem is: how do I make sounds other then Beep?

I appreciate any help on this...

-- Paul

Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:35:19 GMT  
 Generating tones?
You need to play around with the following API calls located in the

Declare Function OpenSound Lib "SOUND.DRV" () As Integer
Declare Sub CloseSound Lib "SOUND.DRV" ()
Declare Sub SetVoiceNote Lib "SOUND.DRV" (ByVal Voice%, ByVal Note%, ...
                                          ... ByVal Length%, ByVal Dots%)

Declare Sub StartSound Lib "SOUND.DRV" ()

... then try some of this code to make a noise:

Sub Annoying_Sounds ()

        Voices = OpenSound()
        For I = 1 to 10
                SetVoiceNote 1, 40, 16, 0
                SetVoiceNote 1, 91, 16, 0
                SetVoiceNote 1, 140, 16, 0
                SetVoiceNote 1, 237, 16, 0

End Sub

Play around with the numbers and see what you come up with.

(Hint: if you send a longer series of noisemaking commands, the CloseSound
call shuts your sound driver up)

There are a few more API calls to get the routines which let you pass
octaves, notes, pitches, etc which I can post if you need them.  The demo
code will need to be a bit longer though.

Duncan S. Smith              I                       D M G I

"Bone Daddy At Work"         I

Mon, 23 Jun 1997 16:44:36 GMT  
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