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 MSChart XAxis Label

1.     I am populating an MSChart Control in VB6 from a recordset.
My recordset is filled by this type of query, "Select aaa, bbb, ccc from
ddd".  It seems that if 'aaa' is text it will fill  in the XAxis label the
way I want.  If bbb, ccc or ddd are text then when I try to populate the
chart, it will disappear ( as it should).  My problem is that I would like
to fill the XAxis with a date, unfortunatly when i try to do this the chart
wants to graph the date because it is a number(like) field.  How can I
prevent this.

2.    I also want to allow the user to insert a 'comparison' line either
horizontally or vertically across the MSChart once i have populated it as
described above.  I thought I could do this by populating an array, then
using .chartdata to fill in the chart, but am having trouble with this.

Any help??

Is there any decent documentation out there on the MSChart (other than help
or MSDN)

Mon, 20 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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