WM_GETMINMAXINFO -- changing MinTrackSize causes GPF 
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 WM_GETMINMAXINFO -- changing MinTrackSize causes GPF

Has anyone here successfully limited window size by catching the
WM_GETMINMAXINFO message and modifying the MINMAXINFO structure?

I know I'm catching the right message, because a BEEP statement stuck into
the code will execute whenever I resize. I can read the MINMAXINFO
structure and write it back unmodified with no problem, but if I modify the
MinTrackSize values before writing it back...


Are my declarations (below) okay?

Do I have a clue what I'm doing -- my documentation is pretty scanty?

' -------- in a .bas declaration -------

Declare Sub hmemcpy Lib "Kernel" (dst As Any, src As Any, ByVal bytecount&)

Type Type_POINT

        X As Integer
        Y As Integer

End Type


    Reserved As Type_POINT
    MaxSize As Type_POINT
    MaxPosition As Type_POINT
    MinTrackSize As Type_POINT
    MaxTrackSize As Type_POINT

End Type

Global Const WM_GETMINMAXINFO = &H24

' -------- in the msgblaster event ------




    ' make a long version of the len() value
    lStrucSize = Len(MinMaxInfo)

    'lparam is a pointer to Type_MINMAXINFO
    hmemcpy MinMaxInfo, lparam, lStrucSize  

   'MinMaxInfo.MinTrackSize.X = 5000  '<------ uncommenting these lines
   'MinMaxInfo.MinTrackSize.Y = 5000  '<------ makes it blow up.

   hmemcpy lparam, MinMaxInfo, lStrucSize



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Sat, 15 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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