Iterating through the properties of an object? 
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 Iterating through the properties of an object?

Is there a way to debug.print the values of all the properties of an object
without having to spell out each property name?
In otherwords, let's say I have a textbox called text1. Instead of writing....
debug.print text1.text
debug.print text1.visible
debug.print text1.enabled
and on and on for each property of the textbox;
Is there a simpler way I could do this? I guess I'm looking for some sort of
properties collection? I think it might look something like this....
Dim pr as Property
Set pr = New Property
For Each pr in text1
   debug.print pr, val(pr)      [or whatever]
Is such a thing possible?
- Ian in Chicago

Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:12:33 GMT  
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