Q. Creating a SETUP.EXE for self-extracting files 
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 Q. Creating a SETUP.EXE for self-extracting files

: Hi there! I=B4ve come across a problem with setting up self extracting =

: files!

: I=B4m working on a custom designed setup program in VB 3. It starts off =

: much like a common setup batchfile. There=B4s a default directory-name =

: which the user is allowed to alter. If the directory doesn=B4t exist it is =

: created with MkDir. Then i change drive with ChDrive and directory with =

: ChDir to the newly created directory. Finally, the self-extracting file =

: is called with X =3D Shell(a:\application). At this point =

: the self-extracting file start to extract files but they don=B4t end up in =

: my directory, instead they are extracted onto a:\. When I test-run the =

: project.MAK inside VB it works just fine and the same commands work fine =

: in a MS-DOS batch file.

Sounds like the application.exe is looking somewhere. Unfortunately, you
will probably have to rewrite the application.exe to accept an argument
where the argument is a drive. Or else, your setup can create an INI
file (or write to the registry for 95) to designate a directory.   Sorry
for the bad news.

Jeff Quasney
Quasney Computing, Inc.


: I know that I could work around it with FileCopy but I wonder why this =

: restriction ocurred.

: Best regards =

: Marcus Dulik

Fri, 21 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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