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 Using scanner in VB

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>Here is a uuencoded VBX to do this
>Hope it helps you

>Subject: SCANDEMO.ZIP (1/1)

>BEGIN --- CUT HERE --- Cut Here --- cut here --- SCANDEMO.ZIP


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Hi Saleem Shahzad

I have downloaded the VBX You have attached, but when starting the prg., I
get the normal Scanner startup screen for setting size, resolution and so
on, but I also get and Error telling me that a scanner error.

 When using winfax i get the same error, and I get no Image,

 When using CorelDraw i get the same error, but the prog. proceedes and
  I get the Image,

 When using Photo Magic i get no error, and I get the Image, without

My scanner is a Trust FC 2614, I think it is a Mustek clone, at least
the software that whent with the scanner is a driver for MFS 6000 C. Does
anyone know the answer, or should I get a new driver, and if so, where do
I get it? It would be very nice if I could make a program that would scan
an image and fax it right away.

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