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  >Is anyone out there currently using VB to put a GUI onto a
  >mainframe text-based application?  I am having some success using a
  >product called QuickApp from DCA, but am looking for other people to
  >swap ideas with.  Are there any other reasonably high-level comm
  >libraries available that might also do the job?

        Yes.  That is exactly what IntJet does to the delphi VAX/VMS
menu system, the internet utilities, etc.....

UniQWK 4.0a
* UniQWK #50  * I always have fun because I'm out of my mind!!!

Chad Z. Hower
Phoenix Business Enterprises
'[1;35;40m-=> Delphi Internet Jet SST v2.004 - (C) PBE

Thu, 22 May 1997 18:39:06 GMT  
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