Files to ship with "Data1" datacontrol? 
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 Files to ship with "Data1" datacontrol?


I have had similar experiences.  I has often appeared as though the setup wizard
adds all the files that I might need if I used all the database types that could
possibly be accessed using the data control.  On many occasions, only a few of
the files listed were in fact needed.  The problem was always to determine which
ones.  In some cases it can be pretty obvious, i.e. if you're simply using DAO
to access a .dbf file, you know that you need no ODBC-related files.  However,
the only way I managed to determine those needed was to temporarily rename them
one at a time in Windows\System and see if the program still ran.  This was
never a speedy operation.



> I have made a cardgame in  VB 5. When i run the setupwizard it tells me that
> I need 24 files? I know it runns on the exe whith VB runtime. But when I add
> "Data1" jet database 2.0 the wizard tells me that I need all sorts of files.
> Is it realy so that the jet needs 22 files?
>        --Ingmar--

Sun, 25 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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