Warning about VB6 SP5 and Windows 2000 
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 Warning about VB6 SP5 and Windows 2000

I did post a message about my problems but found the answer (eventually) in
Microshafts Knowledge Base.

If you install SP5 it puts a version of OLEAUT32.DLL in your Windows/System
directory that is more recent than a basic Windows 2000 professional

This will cause problems when you try to distribute a package using the
Package and Deployment Wizard.  Windows tells the installer that some system
files are out of date (actually it is the above one) and then prompts for a
reboot.  Because Windows 2000 will not let an installation program modify
this file (even when you are logged in as administrator!), after the reboot
you get the same message and end up stuck in an endless loop.  This only
happens on Basic (new) Windows 2000 machines.  If they have been upgraded
(i.e. OLEAUT32.DLL) is more recent than the install version there is no

In order for people who distribute to clients who may or may not have a
recent version of this file you need to bundle a version of this file which
is older than a basic Windows 2000 machine.  I just replaced the one in my
windows system directory with the Original one that came with the VB6 pro
CD.  The package and deployment wiz then bundles the older file, the install
sees it does not need updating, and the installation runs fine.

I hope this helps someone else.


Sun, 14 Nov 2004 19:35:39 GMT  
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