Error 13 Invalid Type in class module 
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 Error 13 Invalid Type in class module

To someone can help me.

    Im developing an application that uses a DLL to access a database
server (sqlserver). When i run the program in my developing computer it
goes well, but when i distribute the program and try it (in W95,W98),
it shows a Type mismatch (Error 13), that comes from one method of a
class that returns a matrix to load the items of a dbcombo.
The method is the next:

Public Function MuestraEditoriales(conexion As ADODB.Connection) As
    On Error GoTo gestion_Error
    Dim registros As New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim sentencia As String
    Set registros = conexion.Execute(sentencia) (****Breaks Here*)

    The type of 'registros' is a recordset, and the type that returns
the method conexion.execute is a recordset.

    MuestraEditoriales = registros.GetRows
    Set registros = Nothing
    Exit Function
End Function

Ive tryed compiling the classes in the exe and it returns the same
I think that there is something installed in my developing computer
that the other computers dont, but i have no idea what can be

Thank you

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Tue, 08 Jul 2003 17:06:20 GMT  
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