VB5/NT4 lockup problem? 
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 VB5/NT4 lockup problem?

Any help appreciated. Converting a VB3/3.11 app to VB5/NT. I have a
form that gets shown non-modally. The code showing the form sits in a

Loop Until giExitBigForm

loop until it sets giExitBigForm in its Unload event. This did work
fine in VB3 and I do realize that I should replace the doevents with
something else in NT, but this works in many other places in the app.

Problem is, if you just enter the form and click "Close" (triggering
the unload), it works fine. If you modify some of the form's controls
(text boxes, option buttons, checkboxes, etc (about 50 in all!) and
then close the form, the code NEVER returns to the calling code. It
just exits to the main form in the app. You cannot get out of run
mode, and if you do it in the native (compiled) version, the app
appears to exit but in fact NT says that it is still there.

The only way to exit VB or end the standalone app is to use the NT
task manager.

Does anyone know just what is going on here? I sure don't. No api
calls in use that I can see. Thanks in advance.

Sun, 02 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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